Saturday, June 18, 2011

CFM possible new partner

The California Fire Museum (CFM) is moving ahead with our plans to locate our building at the Orange County Great Park. A possible partnership has developed with a group called the Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) Which is the training arm of the California State Firefighters Association (CSFA)

After some talks back and forth between the two organizations it was decided that each would put together a ad-hoc committee made up of board members from each group.

FSTI and CFM had our first committee meeting on June 1st to look into how we could work together to build the fire museum safety center at the Orange County Great Park (GP) The GP gave FSTI a tour of the park and new construction projects along with a look at the land set aside for our fire museum. FSTI was impressed with the GP and the location of the fire museum. We will now work together to iron out the details of how this all will work.

FSTI has some great plans for their side of things including a fire service history library and archives plus class rooms and a conference room to accommodate their needs. We at CFM are excited about this possible partnership with FSTI and see a great opportunity to build a first class project which we both can benefit from. At present we are communicating back and forth to work out the details which hopefully will lead to a working partnership agreed to by both boards. CFM has sent FSTI a number of documents to bring them up to date on our relationship with the Great Park and where we stand on our funding campaign. Updates will follow on this site as we move forward on this partnership and project. We feel this could be something really GREAT for us and the fire service community.

For more information on FSTI see their web site at or

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