Friday, February 5, 2010

The Great Parg Board Meeting

CFM Great Park Board meeting Feasibility Study Presentation:

The Great Park Board meeting, where our long awaited Fire Museum Feasibility Study was presented to the GP Board, was held last Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 10 AM. After a long morning of listing to other presentations to the board, our presentation was last on the agenda, we finally heard the GP Design Studio present our Priority Program Feasibility Study (PPFS) Fire Museum & Safety Learning Center: Findings from second level analysis; and next phase recommendations. The presentation to the GP Board was only a short overview of the 290 page Feasibility Study report given to each board member a week ago.

The outcome of this meeting was not what we were expecting. After a long dissertation by each GP Board member, some a little confusing in my opinion and some off the subject at hand, the board voted to bring this item back to the board after 60 days.

To view the GP Board meeting video,with our CFM presentation, on the Great Park web site follow the instructions below.


Here is the path to the Priority Programs Feasibility Study (PPFS)- Fire Museum & Safety Learning Center.

1. click on:

2. Locate and click on the top, brown tab named "ABOUT" and pull downand select Board Meetings

3. Once on the Board meeting site, scroll down to January 28, 2010 andscroll over to far right and click on VIDEO (orange)

4. Once the video starts, Click on the black 'down' arrow in the box "Jump To..." and choose#10 (Priority Programs Feasibility Study)

5. The video will move to our Priority Program Feasibility Presentation. (Minute counter at right should read 1:23:19)

This will allow you to view the entire GP Design Studio presentation for our fire museum safety center, each GP Board member comments, Public comments by Ronny Coleman, Dan Coffman and Don Croucher, Chair Agran discussion, my ending clarification comments and the final vote.

Don Forsyth could not attend the board meeting, but did send in a letter of support from the Orange County Fire Historical Society.

This entire fire museum segment of the Great Park Board meeting takes 1 hour, 31 minutes.

The next GP board meeting, when we will be heard again, will be in March (60 days).

We will go over the board comments and our next step in this process at our January 25 CFM Board meeting.

If you have any questions contact:

Don Croucher, President
California Fire Museum Public Safety Education Center
Orange County Fire Historical Society

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