Monday, January 18, 2010

Calif Fire Museum at the Great Park (update)

CFM at the Great Park (note date change)
The California Fire Museum (CFM) is on our way to a long awaited Feasibility Study presentation to the Great Park Board at their January 21 (Change to January 28) Board meeting at Irvine City Hall. CFM has been working towards this presentation for years!!! I want to especially thank Dave Hubert and Barbara Hubert for their timeless effort and support towards this huge project.This Priority Program Feasibility Study has been a unbelievable in depth study that has meant many many meetings and information gathering to provide all the information needed to complete this high level study. We now have in our hands the draft copy of this report, 265 pages of information, maps, drawings, photos and figures. Dave, Barbara and myself have gone over this report and made a few corrections, changes and suggestions for the final copy. On January 15 we will meet with the Great Park Design Studio staff and go over the final report and how it will be presented to the Orange County Great Park Board on January 21, 2010. (Change to January 28) This will be a deciding moment for CFM and the culmination of eight years of hard work by our board of directors, many GP board meetings, GP Stakeholder meetings, CFM Board meetings, Great Park events, GP Staff one on one meetings, piles of correspondence, meeting with possible sponsor groups and endless behind the scenes research and work.We started with hopes of an existing building at the old El Toro Base and are now looking at a possible multi million dollar 31,600 sq ft building in the future.If the Great Park Board votes in our favor on January 21, (Change to January 28) we will be in line for something really Great.If you would like to hear the feedback and the final outcome of the vote by the Great Park Board we encourage everyone to attend this most important meeting for CFM.We are now joined by the Orange County Fire Historical Society (OCFHS) in our endeavor to build this Fire Museum Public Safety Learning Center at the Great Park. CFM & OCFHS are in the last stages of a merger which will join our two organizations together into one.

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