Friday, November 2, 2007

Let us not forget

The “California Fire Museum / Public Safety Education Center” (CFM) has plans to honor the heroic efforts of our firefighters who protected lives and property during Firestorm 2007. Our plans are to build an exhibit entitled the “Wall of Flame” which will feature large photos showing the heroic efforts made by our firefighters from fire agencies throughout California. The “Wall of Flame” will depict all facets of firefighting, including: Dozer operations, hand crews, air operations, paid & volunteer firefighters, all fire service agencies (City, County, State, Federal, reservations, private and all support groups. Featuring all those who have come together to fight the catastrophic conflagrations that have plagued California. CFM will highlight the history of all the fire storms which have raged our state since the beginning of time. When the smoke clears, we must not forget what our firefighters have done time and time again to protect life and property from the devastating Santa Ana Devil Winds.
To build this exhibit to honor our heroic firefighters and our Public Safety Education Center to educate our young, we need your help. CFM is about to be considered for inclusion into the Orange County Great Park in the Museum District. We hope to acquire an existing building to house our fire museum/safety center. To do this we need your help in two ways.
First, we need everyone to contact the Irvine City Council and the Great Park Board to let them know you support and endorse the California Fire Museum /Public Safety Education Center to be included in the Great Park at the former MCAS El Toro Base. The Great Park Board will soon be reviewing over 60 requests from organizations who want to be a part of the Great Park. Their decision on who will be chosen to participate will be based on which organizations have the most following and can contribute the most to the Great Park. CFM has formed a coalition of fire service organizations and support groups to further our chances to be included in the Great Park.
You can make a big difference. Please call, Write or e-mail them today with your support for the California Fire Museum at the Orange County Great Park. For contact information and to keep up with the progress go to their web site at: or Irvine City Council at: we also have the endorsement and support of the Great Park Conservancy. You can contact them at:

Second We need contributions and sponsors for our building fund, plus any firefighting memorabilia. The Orange County Fire Services Association (OCFSA) has committed $50,000 to start our building fund, plus we have a number of fundraising efforts underway. To make a contribution to our building fund and the Wall of Flame exhibit to honor our heroic firefighters, please contact Don Croucher at 949-493-8718 or CFM address: 34681 Calle Fortuna, Capistrano Beach, CA. 92624. Visit our web site at:

Listed below is our CFM support coalition.

1) Orange County Fire Services Association. (OCFSA)
2) California State Firefighters Association. (CSFA)
3) Orange County Fire Historical Society. (OCFHS)
4) Crown Firecoach Enthusiasts. (CFE)
5) Antique Fire Apparatus Club of America. (SPAAMFAA)
6) Orange County Professional Firefighters Association. (OCPFA 3631)

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